Hale Pet Doors


Protecting Pets and Families

Desert Breeze Glass proudly offers the installation of Hale Pet Doors.

Committed to keeping pets safe and families happy by providing high-quality, professional installation and, of course, Desert Breeze's exceptional customer service.  

Make your Pet Happy

 Your dog or cat wants you to be happy and knows that Hale Pet Door makes the most durable, trouble-free doors available. 

Amazing and Dependable- Heather R.

These people are just great! This will be the third door we have had installed by them and every time they are just great! They always have been amazing and it is what keeps us going back. The guy who came yesterday, I don’t remember his name :(… he was so awesome and did a great job! Thank you so much for being dependable and for doing great work! We can’t wait to move in and use the door! 

Increased Safety and Security

 Your cat or dog wants your home to be safe and secure. The Hale Pet Door has an unbreakable locking security cover. The Hale Security barrier prevents unwanted intruders, and the Lucky Dog Pet Runs deters predators from harming him. 

Save on Energy Bills

 Your pet knows that your home’s energy efficiency is important and the Hale Pet door has the best sealing flaps that keep dust and bugs outside while keep the air-conditioned air inside where it belongs. 

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In-Wall Pet Doors



The Hale Pet Door wall dog door is the most energy-efficient pet door. The double flaps are on the interior and exterior walls of your home, so the air space insulates your home, keeping conditioned air in and outside air out. The wall pet door can be installed in all types of walls:

  • Standard Frame with stucco or siding
  • Brick
  • Block
  • Concrete

If you are installing under a window, then you need to consider if you have any obstructions (window sill or shutters) that stick out past the wall.  If so, you might need a side load for the security cover.

In-Glass Pet Doors

Desert Breeze installs Hale Pet Doors


It’s clear that “through glass” pet doors are the most elegant of dog door installations. You keep your view while your pets get access to the yard and back into the house when they want it. Hale Pet Door is the original through glass pet door, invented by Bill Hale in 1980’s.

Hale Pet Door has been professionally installing in glass dog doors in Phoenix since 1985.   

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Q:  How do you cut the glass?

A:  Magic!

A:  Not really!  We can’t cut the glass, it is tempered and it would shatter.  It is a two-visit implementation. First, we come onsite and measure your door and glass type.  Then we re-manufacture a new piece of glass, just like the one you have with the notch cut out. Then, we come back onsite and replace your glass with the new glass and then install the pet door.  

In-Door Pet Doors



If you want a pet door in your entry door, Hale Pet Door makes the most durable attractive door pet doors. You can have your door pet door installed in all types of doors: wood, metal, fiberglass, hollow core and raised panel.

An entry door pet door can be very convenient as your pet will use your entrance.

In-Screen Pet Doors


 If you enjoy fresh air, get a screen pet door installed in your screen. Your pet will enjoy the freedom while you relax because you won’t have to be your doggie’s doorman. 



Powder Coated

Looks like an appliance white. 

Arizona Beigeout Us


Powder Coated

Tan / Khaki.  Looks like coffee with a couple of creamers added. 

Brushed Aluminum


Anodized Metal

 Satin nickel color.  Looks like the bottom of a soda can.

Dark Bronze


Anodized Metal

Chocolate Brown.  Looks almost black.